There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.

~ French Proverb ~

Embarrassing and Fun

July 31st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 32 secs

Surely you’re not embarrassing and fun…are you?

Come on admit it. There are plenty of things that you have done that are embarrassing and fun. Don’t believe me? Then how about trucking out those old family photos and seeing for yourself?

Remember that hairdo? What a wonderful example. You enjoyed it back then, but now?  And how about that outfit? Can you believe you ever wore stuff like that and felt proud about wearing it? Yep. Those things certainly were embarrassing and fun.

The thing is, as fashions come and go, and we progress through various stages in our life, our thinking shifts. What was once a source of much fun is now embarrassing in the light of change. But that’s okay. Everybody goes through exactly the same thing.

Take those wedding album shots that we all considered to be so wonderful when they were done. Now we all cringe with embarrassment about them, thanks to the effects of decades. They still look kind of sweet, but time instills a tincture of silliness that’s hard to ignore. Such are the effects of passing trends and thickening waistlines.

Teens and children today are still into things both embarrassing and fun in a big way. The two are divided by an incredibly fine line, so that laughter can switch to shame and back again in an instant. For them, it’s the thrill of the moment. That pleasure of daring that makes games like spin the bottle and truth or dare perennial favorites.

Perhaps… and you would be the best judge of this… we adults should engage in more experiences that are embarrassing and fun too. To reinvigorate yourself in the silliness of the moment by doing something both hilarious and daring, could give you more than an unexpected rush. It might just revitalize the way you behave and enjoy your closest relationship. To always be serious is definitely unhealthy, and stultifyingly boring. Harmless behavior, that risks nothing more than a little embarrassment, whilst promising lots of fun, is definitely worthy of everyone’s agenda. So come on. If you’re not already noted for doing the odd silly thing, it’s time to let you hair down and surprise someone. I dare you!




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