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Easter Violence And Its Answer

April 20th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 49 secs

It's not just about eggs.

It’s not just about eggs.

Happy Easter to you! Whether your tradition is to celebrate this Christian tradition or not, I believe there is something worthy in its message for everyone.

For those unfamiliar, the meaning of Easter is about God loving humanity despite its cruelty and ugliness and bringing hope and life to everyone who seeks it. Jesus, falsely accused, bears the pain and shame of callous society, dying a criminal’s death as atonement and then, inexplicably, returns to life.

Whether you believe this account is a matter of faith that some might find lost in translation. However, the message of hope is far easier to grasp.

While husbands threaten and beat their wives, and adults make young children slaves, cruelty and ugliness continue. Innocents suffer and social indifference still stands mute and sightless to the immediate needs of the vulnerable and the weak.

This violence toward humanity and nature itself is why you and I need to think big. Merely repaying violence with equivalent brutality yields nothing of worth. While, turning away and absorbing ourselves in our own problems leaves us uncomfortably complicit.

So as we tuck into our chocolate eggs, enjoy celebrations and spend time together, the essence of Easter compels us to reflect. That violence happens is not surprising. But our communal tolerance of it is.

Bringing hope to other people and demonstrating compassion will always be momentous because it tackles fear, aggression, and selfishness head on. For believers it also means having a confidence in things unseen (as paradoxical as that seems) provides all they need to stand up to brutality.

But I can’t help but believe the message of kindness speaks to most of us at some level. We have all been nurtured by at least someone (if not, we would certainly long for it).

So we know this benchmark of consideration. We understand this common theme that binds us together with understanding of what the best in us looks like.

If we are alive to our own experience of life and our ability to help our answer to suffering is personal and practical. We will not be part of spite. Nor will we turn a blind eye to violence because it’s too awkward to talk about. As far as our individual abilities go we will uphold kindness as a quality of life value, and refuse to abuse anyone, whether weak or strong.

Easter’s message of Jesus on the cross and His revival bear a fantastic message, whatever your own beliefs. Whoever and wherever we are, we can make our personal patch a measurably more compassionate place.

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