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Don’t Forget Photo Properties Full Size Add Comment View Slideshow

June 7th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 44 secs

Does this really mean anything?

Does this really mean anything?

Yes, remember to “photo properties full size add comment view slideshow”. I won’t be surprised if you don’t know what that means because there elements of the Web are taking language to a new extreme.

Assuming you do decide to “make your photo properties full size add comment view slideshow and hold onto your pixels”, you’ll be ready for anything (I certainly am). After all, nobody understands this gobbledygook yet it goes unmentioned.

Perhaps it’s the symptoms of website designers not getting enough sleep. They assume – in their twilight world of meanings – that we all know what they mean. Though we sort of do, mostly, we don’t.

Your average good-natured Internet browsing person manages to navigate around a lot of content with a reasonable degree of success. But too often these things pop up as content that’s neither here nor barely there.

Consider the advice to “photo properties full size add comment view slideshow now!” Is that a threat, or a tip? Do you dare to do it? Or, do you drill down to find out (somehow) what the website hosts really want you to do?

Cautious types will look for further signals to decipher such silly phrases or else click away at a hundred miles an hour. No doubt, you (like me) and virtually every other Web traveller are so used to such confusion we scarcely raise an eyebrow, bat an eyelid, or shake our puzzled head. Though you don’t really know how to “review your photo properties full size add comment view slideshow do-si-do and promenade that pretty little thing”, you reckon you’re up for it anyway. Hence, we boldly go where millions have clicked before (just to see what happens).

Which of course brings you to some truly unexpected places (which is as it should be, given none of us knows what such inane phrases have to do with anything anyway).  But, rest assured your personal photo properties full size add comment view slideshow now material is safe with me and the many thousands of readers here who similarly wonder at the vagueness of such Internet gibberish. Having drawn attention to it, we can question it and then laugh it off. Because these days, more than ever, we need to query everything that’s been put into print (especially on the Web).

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