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Doing Your Best

July 27th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 38 secs

Goals help to bring out your best.

Goals help to bring out your best.

When problems overwhelm you it’s best to think things through. Ask yourself that big question: what are you trying to do?

I suspect most people try to make the best of their situation. Yet unless they’ve given careful thought to their goals and values, the “best” might simply mean survival.

Without a moment of clarity to really figure out what matters to you, life’s many distractions work their wicked way. Purpose, pastimes, and disruptions get blurred and life remains in perpetual containment mode rather than purposed living.

That’s not to say an inspired life doesn’t have difficult stuff popping up. It does and we still have to deal with it (like when a friend gets into serious difficulty, a relation dies, bills spillover, and trouble starts brewing at work).

You can be sure as eggs that there is always going to be something to occupy you that seems to have nothing to do with the “main game” as you see it.

But living with a purposeful approach changes that. That relative with cancer is no longer “another burden” but a real part of life – important, vital, and provocative. Problems feel a little easier when life’s flows with more purpose to put everything into perspective. Best of all, inspirational focus keeps you fresh.

Living with goodhearted goals and dreams is more than being ambitious or clever. It’s about living now with the future in mind and having an eye to what doing your best means.

This kind of personal culture puts an implicit discipline into your life. You want to do your best because it makes sense to you. So rather than whipping yourself to get out of bed, you want to get up and get going.

Goals that you own make a striking difference and it’s fascinating to see how much more gets accomplished when life has a vital context.

So forget abstract ideas about “being the best” and “trying harder to be a better person”. Find something that absolutely inspires you. Attach some goals to it and make your passion power your actions. No matter how splendid the goal, the biggest and most impressive difference is undoubtedly in the way it brings out your best (even when you barely give it a thought).

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