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Doing Good

December 6th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 28 secs

Doing good is its own reward.

Doing good is its own reward.

Cynical about appeals to do good? You’re not alone.

I am fairly skeptical about those eager fellows up the front of rallies and conventions, urging you to do better. Typically, it’s for reasons that have little to do with you and a lot to do with them. Which suggests they are only promoting part of the story. “Do good… because then we can claim the credit/claim a part of you/keep you obliged and occupied/hype you up”, and so on.

Yet there is something within worthy actions that nobody should ignore. Being cynical about the intentions of others is one thing. Using them as an excuse not to do anything helpful is another.

We all have capacity to do extraordinary good and unspeakable evil. They are the ends of our behavioral spectrum. Yet we forget that fact, as if considering our influence is too daunting to contemplate.

Fortunately, if we hold our hand on the tiller we can steer our decisions and deeds towards constructive results. It doesn’t require anything special. Just the decision to consciously do good, instead of zoning out from the significance of our actions.

Personally, I believe in doing good because it’s a great way to live. People often appreciate it. Plus, I feel better for directing my energies where they make a positive difference. At least, I do when I’m aware of the implications. Often, I hunker down into my own thought life, forgetting that my best efforts simply come through focusing on doing good.

What about you? How do you feel about the impact of your day-to-day actions?

I am sure that we can all do better. Yet I suspect that concentrating on what we are already doing is much more constructive.

For this reason, use what you are engaged in to:

  1. Encourage others
  2. Create worthwhile solutions, and
  3. Put a mark of inspiration into what you do.

Whatever you day gets wrapped with consider it carefully, to see how much good you can produce doing the usual.

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