Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Does Travel Broaden The Behind?

November 5th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 9 secs

Blame travel.

It’s not the most flattering question, but I wonder if travel has more of a broadening effect than we think? Yes, it certainly can enlarge our thinking. But aspects that are more fundamental deserve consideration.

Maybe that’s why they say, “travel light” and, if you need it, buy it there. Because it’s easier to buy bigger clothes and enjoy them than to discover all your familiar gear must have shrunk in your case.

What causes this uncomfortable effect? I mean, don’t we eat at home too? I suspect it’s the travel factor. That outright excitement that comes from being in a new place and discovering a feast of fascinating new foods. Some you might not warm to. While others? Well, let’s just say they capture your attention and so, naturally, you have to keep trying them out.

That’s travel for you. It adds spice to everything.

You sleep well enough in a bed at home. But a traveller’s bed is an unknown quantity. Just like the shower, and all of the many other seemingly insignificant aspects of being elsewhere. Novelty makes many a moment morph into mini episodes of discovery.

Mind you, it’s not all beer and skittles. Some “little discoveries” aren’t exactly happy experiences (like that detour to Venice when the only way we could make the train was to unblock the toilet in time– but let’s not talk about that).  Suffice to say, travel challenges, which is inherently why it’s so off-putting for some and simultaneously compelling for others.

As long as the food is at least passably good, and you’re having a happy time of it, your senses do the rest. Being alert to the freshness of each situation, you smell the aromas, feel the textures, and taste each mouthful with heightened sensation. Travel does that to you.

While you might choose to walk your way through every back lane and promenade, you might also like to do some relaxing. Either way, travel is about letting go. So that, after a few days, you become calm enough to enjoy the fun of being somewhere else. That’s good, and it’s a healthy part of vacationing that shouldn’t be bludgeoned into submission by strict rituals, routines, and schedules. After all, you are meant to be relaxing, aren’t you?

If there’s a price for overindulging and soaking up the moment in another place exotic, there’s also a great payback. Travel lets you think afresh and reconnect with parts of yourself that get shelved when you’re at home working, head down, tail up.

To find something else about yourself and the pleasure of your company with others is at the heart of all that’s wonderful about travel. Despite any wardrobe difficulties or niggling guilt, travel is more than succumbing to the delights of another country. It’s also about connecting with your self.

Can travel broaden the behind? Quite likely. But it also widens our eyes to worlds we cannot imagine otherwise, and renews you with new appreciation for life itself.

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