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Do You Know What Is Odd?

January 30th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 3 secs

Nothing strange here… for some.

What is odd is how people generally think they are the only one right. It’s mildly strange at first. But the more you weigh it up, the more peculiar it seems.

I mean how realistic is it that one person can seriously believe they know better than everyone else? People certainly do have brilliant thoughts, with tremendous ideas that are unique to them. But to think that they are more right than the rest about just about everything… well, that is odd.

But there is much more to what is odd about human beings than that. Line up enough coincidences and suddenly, an octopus called Paul was deemed to have magically powers to pick football winners from inside his marine tank.

Everyone else on the road going 15 miles slower than us is a road hog. While those who drive 15 miles faster are idiots. Yet, if you asked people they’d initially wonder, “What is odd about that? “

Most of us humans don’t notice it, but what is particularly odd is that we each have a sense of what is right, according to our personal version of truth. Aunt Maud’s view that all sensible people are in bed by 8.00, whatever their age might not be a popular belief. Yet, from her point of view, everyone who ignores this rule is foolish. But we don’t have to have exclusive views. Some people invite the relevance of other ideas, just as I expect you do.

Certain people have beliefs that incorporate the sense of senior figures, crowds, famous folk, and more besides. They will happily defer to the expertise of others because they accept they don’t know everything. But, slightly ironically, what is odd about that paradigm is that they, too, are convinced in their approach.

We simply don’t like being wrong and it makes us feel terrible when we realize we are. So, it stands to reason we must find a way that feels right to us to be at our best. Even, if that right path needs truths from others. Confusing? Perhaps. But if it is, think about how adamant we become when we know we’re right but feel misunderstood. Superficially, what is odd is that we put so much energy into justifying our position. But when you understand that being right provides us with security, comfort, and certainty, it’s not odd at all.

While some people reject the potential of other people’s certainties, I like to think we all have a bit of truth within us. By applying our part we can make a lot of sense of life. Yet, when we invite the ideas of others, we allow ourselves to discover a much deeper, more complex perspective What’s more, under that umbrella, what is odd, offbeat, and even inexplicable somehow manages to find a place. And that, I admit, seems entirely “right” to me.

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