There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

~ Charles Dickens ~

Diet Schmyet! You Are Meant To Eat Well

March 17th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 30 secs

Eat well, then you can skip the diet.

Diets are such utter rubbish, the promoters of them should be made accountable for their failings. Then suddenly, I’m sure, we wouldn’t hear peep about the:

  • Lemonade diet
  • Blood type diet
  • Brat diet
  • Caveman diet
  • Detox diet

and all the other opportunistic attempts to cash in on people’s worries about weight.

The scientific advice from genuine experts in the field of nutrition is that diets overwhelmingly don’t work. Remember that diet you went on a while back that helped you lose weight fast? Wasn’t it amazing how it all came back again later? Guess you blamed yourself for that, huh?  Well you shouldn’t because the whole approach was flawed right from the start.

As I’ve said before, you are meant to enjoy your food and eat well. What’s eating well? Not dieting for starters. As a rule of thumb, good food is more whole and much less processed. So, if a food can go off quickly that’s a sign it’s probably a great choice for flavor and nutrition.

Food you can safely eat that’s raw or largely unprocessed is best because it contains more food value, and ends up having fewer calories once you’ve eaten it. That means eating fresh fruit and vegetables is a better choice than drinking their processed juice. Similarly, multigrain bread is be a better option than white bread, which comes from processed flour and so it goes on. A diet (in the broadest sense) that’s rich in freshness, quality, flavor, and wholesome goodness is what food is all about.

It’s a profound concern that so much we call food are really products designed to last a long time on shelves and fit in packaging. Laden with salt and sugar, these manufactured foods are processed to within an inch of their life. Meaning, apart from taste, there’s not much goodness left to bother with. This kind of diet is making a major contribution to the global epidemic of obesity and widespread poor health.

Given highly processed foods don’t satisfy our nutritional needs it’s easy to eat more of them, creating a rather nasty cycle that robs us of a great deal of happiness. Finally at the end of the food chain come the diet piranhas who tell you all can be fixed if you obey their eat these foods only rules and hand over your cash. It’s scandalous.

Thankfully, the good news remains the same as it always did. You don’t need to waste time, money, and anxiety over diets. They are a waste of effort and usually do more harm than good. Instead, choose the freshest foods you can, with plenty of raw content, and minimize eating processed anything, as many of these products are inferior to the real thing.

If weight is an issue, consider developing a regular walking habit Then remember you’ve got lots of housework, gardening, car care, etc. to do which, if you keep on top of it, gives you plenty of reasons to keep moving. Combine these with wholesome foods that you need to chew and your body will feel glad to be doing more of what it’s designed to do: keeping active and eating naturally. Diet discipline cannot match the simplicity and guilt-free enjoyment of these simple steps. Nor can it give you the pleasure and freedom that eating well gives.

So, diet schmyet! Just make your life count with the good that you do and enjoy the pleasure of discovering more simple whole foods. Easy! Enjoy.


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