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Christians Remembering Christ Crucified

April 6th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 33 secs

Easter is meant for reflection.

The cross of Christ is hardly a happy image. After all, Golgotha (“Place of The Skull”), where Jesus was nailed to a wooden crucifix some 2000 years ago, was a place for killing criminals in the most degrading way.

On this gruesome hill just outside the walls of ancient Jerusalem, Jesus was put to death for no clear crime. A tragedy. Yet for Christians it was a turning point. Compassion had paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Today the feast of Easter, once a pre-Christian celebration of renewal and rebirth, has merged.  Now it’s also a time of reverence and awe, honoring Christ’s compassion, love, and dignity.

For Christians, the supreme meaning of Easter is Christ’s conquest over separation and death. It’s at the heart of their faith. Not just the miracle, but the way it underscores meaning in everything Jesus did. Celebrated as God’s Son, how Jesus let Himself be treated like a despicable criminal and die a terrible death is incredible. Why did He let it happen? Well Christians the world over have reflected on this ever since.

Christ’s sacrifice, Christians believe, reveals God taking our wrongdoing onto Himself. That’s why the cross is such a powerful symbol. For His followers, life is more than material, it’s a spiritual road. Granted through belief in God’s power to create and forgive, Christians see in Christ how to live.

Of course, you may not share their faith. After all, there are many faiths and beliefs, aren’t there? Each is profoundly personal. But knowing why Christians reflect on the meanings of Easter is still good to know.

Faith and doubt are important for everyone. Sharing respect for the differences as well as the similarities of our beliefs reveals the degree of dignity we keep. Easter’s “Good Friday” reminds me of that. Unlike the crazy Christians of history forcing their beliefs by will or the sword, Jesus never coerced or harmed anyone.

Christ on the cross reminds me of our humanity, good and bad, and the power of love. Life surely has its share of conflict and fears. But the qualities Jesus revealed in living and dying, bring a sense and dignity that keeps resonating through time.


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