One should count each day a separate life.

~ Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD) ~

Chapter 1: Free Online Version of the Book Here

March 19th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 43 secs

Now you can hear a free online version of the book's first chapter of "Happy - How To Have a Beautiful Life Now."

You’re right. It has taken a long time. Those of you who know me, appreciate just how long! But… as a reward for your patience, click on the “Free MP3 Download Chapter 1 Now” down on the left side of the home page. Read by the author, the free online version of the book – well, the first chapter of it – is immediately available.

You don’t need to log in, give your personal details, email address, or shoe size. You can simply download it, because it’s a free online version.

With it, you will get a taste of what the book reveals. So what is Chapter 1 about?:

         1. Discovering a fresh approach.

Simply put, Happy – How to Have a Beautiful Life Now will help you get more out of your life and your relationships.

That’s a big claim. But I am confident it contains what you need to do just that.

        2. Hearing, through inspiration and encouragement, how beauty influences you.

And, better yet, how you can influence with beauty.

        3. Getting a greater appreciation of your own influence and importance.

There are many books and retailers, publishers, and authors always say their books are the best, don’t they? So I’m not going to. But I willingly admit that this is no ordinary book to me. It has been the beginning of a journey that began years ago, and since then, I’ve poured heart and soul into its creation. Why? Because I believe we are missing something vital. True, life isn’t meant to easy, but it sure is meant to be satisfying. So Chapter 1’s free online version of the book is meant to tease this idea open; to introduce you to finding how you can have more happiness too.

At the moment, I am liaising with the printer-distributor so the full book release is now only weeks away. Meantime, having a free online version of the book – at least the beginning – gives you something useful to enjoy.

I am excited about what this book delivers and I look forward to it being of help to you in your own life and journey towards fulfillment.

Feel free to drop me a line once you’ve listened to Chapter 1 of the free online version of the book. Your opinion is important and, whether you agree or not with the message, you are welcome to share.




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