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Cat Calling

October 5th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 25 secs

Cats like you calling them. No appointment is necessary.

You know, what you call a cat is a fundamental thing. Calling it Tinkles, Tiddles, or Twinkles for instance, can set a poor puss up to have a bad bladder habit.

Presumably that’s why some people like to make their cat’s name a statement, using: Edward Claws Scissorpaws, Kerpernicus, or simply Herr Ball. Others prefer something telling about their cat’s personality, choosing Drama Queen, Fireball, Kneady, or Sir Pur-a-lot

Then there are cat owners disconnected with the consequences of cat calling, who name their pussycat: John, Simon, or Julie.  It’s wrong and they know it!

Our neighbors called their kittens Casserole, and Licorice (no prizes for color picking). Whilst feline names like Pinklepur, Purry, and Prunes also come to mind (I presume poor Prunes had an embarrassing personal problem). But these cat names are merely scratching the surface of an extensive catalogue.

My tip is to try picking names you can yell from the back before bedtime that won’t make your neighbors snigger. Alternatively, choose something as ridiculous as possible so calling your kitten creates a commotion (just please don’t call him Blanket!).

Admittedly, I baptized our feline Fluffy when I was eight. Then we had Smokey, and Snowy too (You can tell our imaginations were running wild…). But we also had Fritz (our Germanic cat), before we descended into Suzie, Sammy, and… well, I won’t go on. Back then pets had plain names to fit the times. Nowadays, cats are expected to make a statement. So the cat-calling catalogue just keeps on growing.

If you want to see how many creative names people have for their pusses, see the links below and be ready to be boggled. With thousands of names worth choosing it’s more fun than picking baby names because felines are fine about you being as silly as you please.,



Incidentally, if you have a cat or two, what do you call them? Come clean and tell us all!



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