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Careful Mind The Gap

December 12th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 15 secs

Often, what you don't see is the  disparity.

Often, what you don’t see is the disparity.

I call it the gap. It’s the distance between what people see on the outside versus what’s on the inside.

This disparity between what is said and what is done occurs personally, commercially, and administratively. Wherever there are people, there’s a gap.

Not that we necessarily mean for it to happen. But that’s what occurs. Whether ideals are too hard to live by, or because legislation and obligation push us to pretend, the result is the same. Reality turns out to be a rather different bird than the one shown. But that’s okay… so long as we know.

Of course on a great many occasions we don’t. The gap between credibility and crooked dealing  can at times be very wide indeed. Which is more than disappointing. It is also where our trouble starts.

In workplaces, the divide between the way portrayed and the truth of how things are done is a common one. Most places have at least some policies that influence nothing, procedures that never get used., and stuff that behind the scenes is considered to be quite ridiculous.

While, in our personal life the gap between perceived credibility and actual character can be wide indeed. That means we are compelled to be careful and try to read other people well.

It’s difficult to discern what folk are really doing as opposed to their declarations. That is to say, there are plenty of times when you feel pretty confident that what you are seeing is close to what you get. Just as there are occasions when you simply don’t know.

Undoubtedly, the gap in people’s dealings won’t go. It’s part of who we are and our tendency to impress others by using deception and clever embellishment.

Yet, the upside of all this uncertainty is that the door is wide open for the brave few who dare to be themselves, weak and strong.  To have the courage to declare ourselves more closely to our genuine selves, even at the expense of offending.

Personally, I find that a hard road to follow. But I know it’s a healthy path to pursue.

All of us thrive on honesty and appreciate sincerity in the people we know. So it stands that we too will be appreciated by others for being who we say we are, wrinkles, pimples, and all.

Aim to be sincere. Question each entity and be prepared to compromise on idealized views of what being human should be like. After all, honesty is just part the story.

Keep room for doubt over the hidden disparity in companies and commercialism, Be mindful that agendas are everywhere. So long as you are aware of likely divides, somehow it feels a lot less contentious.

For when we realize our own gaps, it only makes sense to accept that that those kind of holes are more or less everywhere in most every firm and everyone you choose. That’s the way of it, and why we all need to see that perfection is a feature in Heaven, not down here on the ground. Much more helpful is that all of us need to take daily care and always… mind the gap.

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