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Can You Feed Cats Sardines?

May 10th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 43 secs

Can you feed cats sardines? Yes, but not with a fork.

Someone rang the local radio station asking “Can you feed cats sardines?” Well of course you can. But you have to open the tin first. Ours can almost do it by themselves, but they make a terrible mess.

Actually, it’s not the sardines that’s the problem, but what they’re swimming in. You definitely can feed cats sardines if they’re fresh. But I guess, when most of us think sardine, they come in a can drowning in vegetable oil or salty water.

That’s the stuff that causes the trouble, as too much salt does cats harm and too much greasy oil is only going to make them feel bad. All that bad stuff is really meant for you and I to eat, get sick with, and die from. You might think you can feed cats sardines but, oh no, they know better.

Except of course if your cat is of the “alley cattus” variety. They’ll eat anything. But if your pussycats are on the fussy side, what would possess you to feed such B grade food to creatures the ancient Egyptians revered? “Here demi-god darling. Have some greasy, salty sardines I got from the supermarket, going cheap on special.” I don’t think so.

Mind you, it fascinates me no end that cat food manufacturers spend millions making their tinned food look alluring, tasty, and sophisticated. But then, when you open the can, out slides this grey sloppy sludge and splatters into their bowl. And lets not even mention the smell!  It makes feeding your cat sardines look like a charitable act.

Thank goodness, cats have “cat goggles” for this stuff. Like beer goggles, cat goggles make cats think the pile of processed guts dumped in their bowl is actually a four-course banquet of exquisite delights. Mind you, cats do eat rats and mice after all… So a feed of sardines is hardly going to turn their world upside down.

In all likelihood, the average overfed domesticated cat will take one look at what you’ve dished up, turn, and give you that look. You know, the one that says, “Are you sick or something? I can’t believe you just gave that to me. You are truly one weird human.” So, to answer the question in a round about way, sort of, kind of way: can you feed cats sardines? Sure you can. But don’t expect for a moment that they’re going to eat them!




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