We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.

~ Anne Frank ~

Can I Really Be Happy?

June 10th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 38 secs

Trying won't make you happy.

Trying won’t make you happy.

Yes you can be happy. Really. Despite all the hype about happiness, it is attainable – though it might not come the way some people expect.

Let’s explode some myths:

  1. To truly be happy you need to be unendingly lucky. Not true. Luck never runs the full course in anyone’s life. Nor does it prove a terribly reliable way finding enduring contentment. What we need is something we are more capable of controlling ourselves.
  2. To be happy you need to have a naturally upbeat personality. Not so. What experts describe as your genetically tendency to happiness is actually your predisposition (which is quite a different thing). Though we might like to be bubbly and naturally cheerful from sun up to sundown we don’t need to be. Happiness can be had even if some days are hard or you don’t feel particularly jolly all that often.
  3. You cannot be happy if you suffer from illness, loss, or some other personal tragedy. Actually, you can, even though you still keep facing the pain of your situation.

As it happens, you don’t have to marry a rich man, always look incredibly attractive, be born under a blessed star, or have any outstanding talent.

What matters is that you focus on living richly with lots of personal meaning and manifest your existing qualities of character. From this strong reference point you can build a happy life wherever you are. How? Well, if you read my book, Happy, you will find out and build the features needed to generate a life of greater satisfaction.

As flippant as being happy might sound it hides a much more serious issue that governs both your influence and wellbeing

Which is why so much happiness advice is useless and shallow when you really need it to be deep. Those promoting happiness as proof of personal success, for example, are missing something far more essential: fulfillment. While, an image that requires us to put on a happy act merely pushes happiness away. Knowing how and why you can be happy as you are changes absolutely everything.

“Can I really be happy?” Despite all the sadness and difficulties we experience, I believe you can. But in a world of day-to-day realities only you can prove that statement to be true.

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