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Can I Get Ear Mites From My Cat?

March 25th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 30 secs

“Can I get ear mites from my cat?” is one of those questions that seems funny at first. But there is a remote possibility.

“Can I get ear mites from my cat?” was the question a slightly anxious Grade 5 child once asked me, as she busied herself drawing the puss in question.

What do you mean?” I asked, curiosity whetted but feeling slightly itchy by the question. ”Are you asking me ‘Can I get ear mites from my cat?’ because you’ve got itchy ears?”

Uh huh.”

Well, listen ‘ear! I’ve got good news for you. Cat’s ear mites don’t tend to go for humans. They don’t like chewing on people’s ears, because they don’t think we taste as nice. So you’re fine.”

You could see the relief fill her face as her fear disappeared. Yet she kept drawing her ear mite beleaguered feline (“Harry” apparently) without skipping a beat. Kids do that. They can drop a question bomb like, “When will I die?” whilst casually tying their laces at the same time.

Whenever kids ask questions about pets like “Can I get ear mites from my cat?” or “Can my cat get ear mites from me?” I ask them equivalent questions like “Can an ear mite catch a cat?” That usually stops them in their tracks for a moment, before a wide gummy smile starts to spread when they get it.

In this case, there was no need to explain that it was unlikely but possible she could be infested by ear mites or some other parasite. She was worried. Which is why, later, when she was more relaxed, I quietly whispered in her ear that whatever her itching was caused by, it would be good to tell her parents.

Can I get ear mites from my cat?” is one of those questions that seems funny at first. But as there is a remote possibility, it’s worth checking out. But even if it isn’t dogs ear mites, chickens ear maybes, or rabbits ear definitelys, you’ve got to wonder what the itch is from. And perhaps, more cheekily, whether there’s a tiny possibility that your own cats could catch it!


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