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Bleeding Writers And Their Passion

July 28th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 44 secs

I might be bleeding but I can still write.

I might be bleeding but I can still write.

I’m bleeding. As I write this post I’ve got a blood nose.

But not an ordinary blood nose. It has been bleeding now for an hour and a half. But I figure I can still write.

In a way it’s a good metaphor (writers everywhere bleed for their craft). It may be that they spend years in obscurity, or are left next to penniless. Though some say these are just clichés, I have no doubt they apply to the vast majority of writers dedicated to delivering their message.

You don’t normally have much exposure to large quantities of your own blood. After the first cupful, I began to think it was rather odd and vaguely disconcerting. But three or four capfuls on I have decided that I’ve got more than enough to cover for an out of control blood nose.

Ruth called for medical help – or should I say advice – as it is past midnight here on Saturday night. Unless your dying, that’s pretty much all you need.

Fortunately life as a parent teaches you to be pretty calm when the unexpected pops up. There’s not much to fuss about until your condition leaves you horizontal. At least, that’s my view.

Writing too has its parallels. Despite the struggle and the ordeal of doing, let alone getting acceptance, it’s hardly life and death. You just need to press on and push through, regardless of rejections, and put up with the psychological rollercoaster involved in the creative process.

Yes, I’m still bleeding (though hopefully not by the time you read this). Ruth has decided to take me to the hospital because of the amount of blood and the fact nothing seems to be stopping the flow two hours on.

Whatever your endeavors, when you hit difficulties (and we all do one way or another) the ability to press on is essential. Because the things we fear only have us beaten when we quit. Otherwise, persistence is an indomitable force and disappointments, difficulties, rejection, and even fear itself must all bow before it.

Somehow, I get the feeling we all know deep down what we must do. Only, we need to surrender to it and get on with the doing in spite of the how hard things are. In the same way, no writer worthy of their craft would be ever held back just because of a little bit of blood.

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  1. Feegs says:

    Well I’m happy to say the longest blood nose in (my) history stopped 3 hours later and cauterization at hospital did the trick (Who’d ever think a blood nose could be so much fuss?)