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Beware The Food Manufacturers

November 3rd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 38 secs

Argh! What are you eating?

Argh! What are you eating?

Food. I’m a fan of it. But not the manufactured stuff. That isn’t food but an exploitative replica.

Food, to me, is stuff that smells fresh, goes off fairly quickly, and comes packed with nutritional goodness and flavor.  While, the manufactured version that we refer to as food is something else many times removed.

Real fare is grown or derived from living things. Factory made food is devised in laboratory conditions with the idea that cheap ingredients should masquerade behind tastes.

And, you have to hand it to the food technicians who whack in the right amount of additives. That kind of product can taste nice (shame that, nutritionally, it lacks any quality).

For, real food sustains your body and makes you feel better at all levels. Whereas, phony fare is packed full of empty calories, salt galore, and enough sugar to candy-coat your gizzards.

Okay, sorry, that’s gross. But you know what I mean. Despite its obvious poor quality, vested interests have stealthily trained whole populations to believe the fake stuff is actually real food too. And it works.

I am amazed how much people attach themselves to manufactured products impersonating food. They hear a jingle and suddenly, like Pavlov’s dogs, start salivating at the thought of tucking into something nutritionally bankrupt and partly harmful.

Thanks to devious conditioning aimed at exploiting our emotional responses so much of our good food sense has become hopelessly derailed. It means we’d rather choose a candy bar than pick up something wholesome and tasty. Or, we’ll stop and wait for a junk food fix, instead of tucking into a quick homemade treat.

People blame themselves and each other for this phenomenon. But it really has been deliberately engineered by corporate greed. Why? Because once hooked, our food fancies are very difficult to switch.

In many homes, prepared semi-synthetic products stock the kitchen fridge and cupboards and the inhabitants are none the wiser. They think they have a week full of foodstuffs stowed. But what they’ve really got is a collection of factory products mimicking something nourishing.

Now I’m sure you can survive on this long-life, preservative laden stuff. But not well. And, seeing as I’m all about increasing people’s happiness, it would be remiss of me not to touch on the cynical efforts of the profit above nutrition, pretend food industry.

They don’t care about feeding obesity (they’ll blame you and I for that). Nor will they bat an eyelid at the long-term consequences of high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and dental destruction. They only care about making products to sell. Whereas, real food producers care about wholesomeness so much, it’s at the heart of how they make their money.

So home freezers full of frozen pizzas topped with colored fat made to look like cheese, processed meals (filled with lab created thickeners) ready to heat, and drinks laden with sugar and carbonic acid to exploit our childhood enjoyment are the tip of the mountain of processed products. Not designed to nurture your health but abuse your pleasure.

Now before anyone thinks I’m a complete food nazi, I want to dispel the suggestion. By all means, if you like swallowing processed goods, have them. Just don’t live off them. Real food is what our bodies need and before pretend food confused our senses, people rarely suffered from many of our modern day diseases.

No doubt you know what this is all about and you personally know folk who need to do something about this. We can all live in denial, that’s easy. But it can also be lethal. It’s time we decided to enjoy more food and have less to do with imitations. Let the fridge tell its tale.

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