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Beware Of The Cat?

March 20th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 4 secs

Should grown men fear such a mighty cat?

Having grown up with a cat on my lap and a dog at the door, I find the presence of pets relaxing. But that’s not necessarily how some others see it.

Like people frightened of cats. Most often, folk fearing the fearsome powers of the domestic cat are male, love dogs, and have never really had a cat as a companion. Their manly terror is based on the idea that a cat might scratch them. While that’s potentially true, most cats aren’t that inclined to dig a claw in or four unless there’s a good cat reason to do so.

Just cause could include, stepping on their tail, being threatening, or otherwise nasty. Which, come to think of it, are not that reasonable.

Which leaves me to conclude some people just don’t understand the workings of the cat mind. Sorry, let me rephrase that: nobody has any idea about what’s going on in a cat’s mind.

That’s because cats are enigmatic. One moment they seem to be taking themselves terribly seriously. Yet, the next, they’ve got their paws deeply embedded in your sock drawer or are plotting how to tease the dog.

Our three cats, being so thoroughly domesticated, help themselves to the fridge and cupboard, before flopping on the couch and reaching for the remote. Still, as humanized as they are, they are still most definitely another species, and that means they can be very amusing indeed.

Take Earwig (don’t bother asking about the name). She is the type of cat who loves squeezing into tight places. Got a coffee mug? Earwig will try to squeeze herself in. Bowls, vases, boxes, bags… she does them all, 5 nights a week, including weekend matinees.

Then there’s Honey Beast (or HB for short). As our Reubens cat in residence, HB loves lolling around, striking poses, and reliably hiding when it’s time to go out. HB simply refuses to do “outdoors”, preferring an indoor life of chaise lounges and servants peeling another cat food sachet thanks.

But Scallywag (aka Scally) takes the cake. On the scale of cat cuteness, he is dangerously sweet. Looking like the now famous Grumpy Cat of web fame minus the grumpy expression, Scally is hopelessly harmless. That means being wary of Scally is like being wary of bedding. Even insects walk by him with attitude (last week, a cocky cockroach went strolling right past his paw and Scally did nothing but watch).

Grown men need have no fear of what a cat like that can do. Given half a chance, all manner of domesticated critters love a pat, a kind word, and some tasty tucker more than some claw swiping conflict. Pets make great friends, so long as we understand a bit about their needs and how to keep them happy. And, I have a sneaking suspicion that even cats know that.

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