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Best Twitter Feeds To Follow

July 26th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 43 secs

What are the very best twitter feeds to follow for you?

I’ve taken to twittering lately, so wondering which are the best Twitter feeds to follow suddenly has significance. Of course, if you don’t tweet this, or Twitter about that, it will all seem pointless. That’s okay. You don’t have to engage in every single social medium to connect with people. Just continuing to relate as you already do, can be more than enough. Still, if you are unfamiliar with this Twitter business, read through regardless; even if it’s only to get a feel for the thing. And, if you happen to be a black belt in tweeting, please bear with me (you can add a dash of your own enlightenment by leaving a comment too, if you choose).

As it is, I am all-atwitter these days, and much more so than usual. Not with rabid chatting that flows like a stream of consciousness. More, with considered comments that Twitterers take in the form of the odd quote or comic comment. It fits the genre, so I’m happy with that.

From the moment you start tweeting, you begin wondering, which are the best Twitter feeds to follow in the process? Or, perhaps, which people do you want to link with? Because even if you source a feed from a big organization, there’s always a person at the other end somewhere.

Figuring it out got me into Twitter in the first place. Tweeting is basically a cross between sending texts and writing bite-sized blogs. Put in that context, it’s a digestible method. But what I find rather sad is the way so many Twitterers feel compelled to describe themselves in super duper terms. It leaves me wondering, what’s wrong with being your wonderful self? Do we all have to supersize our identity to be appreciated and accepted? For me at least, the best Twitter feeds to follow are the ones created by real people. Not the most, the greatest, the tallest, the biggest, or weirdest. Just genuine folk. Personally, they’re my favorites.

There’s also another filter I’m beginning to use to determine the best Twitter feeds to follow. It’s to gradually weed out those aggressive sellers who think it’s fine to bludgeon others with their insistence. As I mentioned recently in a previous post, these people don’t want relationship. They’re just after scalps. If only they knew how ugly their behavior looks. Still, I remind myself that beneath their hard selling shell, they’re ordinary people too. So I try not to dismiss them too easily.

You will have noticed by now that in talking about the best Twitter feeds to follow, I haven’t mentioned a single one!  Why? Well we are all different, aren’t we? So I refuse to assume you have the same interests. There’s little benefit in me saying you ought to follow this, or you should track that. Instead, here are my suggestions for finding the best all time feeds for you:

Look for what appeals to you personally, not what you ought to do. A genuine interest will make receiving tweets much more appealing. It might be a newsfeed of some sort, or the subject of your dearest passion. But whatever it is, ltry looking for themes that fit you like a comfy shoe.

Focus on purpose. If you want to make more connections, think how you will do it in a meaningful way for you and others too.

Avoid those who are exploitative. Seek out real people who will communicate information, ideas, and develop some sort of relationship with you.

Choose people and organizations that understand that tweeting is a public act. People who ignore that fact are also likely to forget to give you due respect, making comments you’d rather not get.

Finally, respect your Twitter feed people by repeating (retweeting) their best to your friends and speaking well of them. Just like the rest of life.


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