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~ C S Lewis ~

Bed in 10 Seconds

December 25th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 7 secs

Nothing beats bed rest.

Some things happen slower as you grow older and going to bed seems to be one of them. Then again, for some it starts much earlier. Even as kids, there are those who struggle with going to bed because they hate missing out on anything (except that is for the pleasure of sleep).

Then, many decide in their teenage years that hitting the hay isn’t nearly as exciting as partying into the wee small hours. Rushing off to bed for a deep night’s sleep seems like a poor second best.

Later, with responsibilities ever rising, bed presents more like a hot-desking prospect. You’re in, for your allotted time, and then the ejector seat alarm shoots you out running like some headless chicken to do the 101 other chores you urgently need to.

You might think this would make any sleepless soul hurriedly head to bed to get enough rest to regaining full consciousness come morning. But oh no! There is the pull of TV, the Internet (by the way, you can keep reading this and then get to bed), that wonderful book you’ve been reading (like the one I wrote for you which I spent many a late night creating), or any number of other gainful distractions. Keeping you up far too much has become an industry.

But, when your body finally screams “enough, please I beg of you” you shuffle to bed in a semi-comatose state finally done in. Having accomplished all you can, you surrender the struggle and snuggle up to your pillow, vanquished. As if you eventually have to concede to sleep and nothing else needs being said.

Yet there are definitely exceptions, aren’t there? The child who races off to bed in anticipation of an exciting time next day… the exhausted parent who falls asleep sitting up… and the weary grandparent who all too easily welcomes sleep reading in the comfort of a favorite couch.

Seemingly, we have an ambivalent relationship with sleep. Whilst we welcome the prospect of bed in principle, we frequently fight going there because there’s still so much more we want to do.

Christmas in particular makes me think of this snoozing inconsistency. You can only guess how many children see sleep as the only obstacle to enjoying the celebrations the moment they wake. While, for European children, the urge to keep playing with Christmas Eve toys keeps them going for as long as tired eyelids will allow.

For now though, I can tell you at 1.00am on Christmas Eve here in Tasmania, I can tell you that I will happily rush to bed in 10 seconds. Maybe less. So, for all you excited night owls, who fight rest and avoid bed until like it’s a last resort, remember sleeping in bed has its pleasures too. A deep rest is everyone’s friend so I’m off to meet him shortly.

Have a great and happy Christmas won’t you? And do make sure you make time to enjoy plenty of rest in bed.


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