There is more to life than increasing its speed.

~ Mohandas Gandhi ~

Because It’s Power Abuse

September 1st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 22 secs

What is power abuse?

What’s power abuse? I describe it as that ability people have to wield advantage or control over others with no thought to the harm it causes. And chances are, you not only know people like that, you know just how it feels. Personally.

Power abuse happens whenever there are people together and it occurs in surprising places. Good people, educated, and seemingly reasonable can power abuse without a care in the world. To achieve an aim with ruthless intent, we can all apply power with selfish force and, disturbingly, think nothing of it.

In a sense, bullying is only one aspect of power abuse. While the more subtle forms remain unseen, bullying is the obvious bit.. Unfairly robbing someone’s opportunities, freedom, or bossing people for the heck of it, are common examples of power abuse in action. On the grand scale, it’s often minimal. But intentions tell a different story. We need to look for the will behind deeds to measure their quality and prevent ourselves from having anything to do with abuse.

People can, of course, get over most things. So power abuse in the form of putting others down, nitpicking, and persecuting people are less likely to ruin someone else’s life; much more, our own.

That person constantly watching, listening, and showing strong feelings about what you’re doing won’t let us off so easily. Who is that person so focused on our personal standards of fair play? Why, it’s you, of course. We know who we are by the way we behave and our attention misses nothing.

it’s no good expecting others to moderate their power abuse. But we can control our own. To act justly when nobody else but you is looking. To refuse to abuse position even when it’s expected and accepted. These are signs of character, and beauty. Through them, we can achieve a reward so marvelous, we not only build self-respect, we also create our happiness.



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