Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend.

~ Plautus ~

Beauty In the Chaos

November 13th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

Real beauty has greater appeal.

Think beauty and what comes to mind? Yes: attractiveness. But as much as we all enjoy a good-looking body and gorgeous face, there’s so much more to beauty than that, it’s outrageous.

Still, people persist. Talk about beauty any other way today and they’ll think you’re trying to be nice, or charitable to include people lacking good looks. But that’s not it! Emphatically, that’s categorically untrue.

Beauty without looks, is not some semi-apology or settle for thing. It’s the thing, and eye candy happens to be the pretty sideshow. But, somehow, we’ve got the two terribly mixed up. So that kerb appeal matters overwhelmingly more than what life is like behind the door.

It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. Children, especially girls, are getting some very distorted ideas about what beauty is. So that a child as young as five feels she should no longer play because it messes with her “looks”. Instead of being a kid, she shaves her legs, wears nail polish, studies fashion magazine pictures, and craves boy’s attention.

This ever-narrowing definition of beauty is disrupting childhood, tormenting teens, and leaves many of us secretly despairing. Whether too fat or thin, we are always lacking, and that suits the engine of selling just fine. But, it’s a terrible deception and distortion because the wonder and dignity of beauty is something we can all express.

Consider the compelling beauty revealed in kindness, giving, fortitude, and more. These are the essence of something enduring that will easily outlast a pert bottom and elevated cheekbones. As good as looks can be (and they certainly can be lovely), beauty reveals something grander. Like: the courage of a mother who works tirelessly for her family, the incredible kindness of strangers, and the acceptance of friends who love you dearly in spite of everything… All of these life-affirming strengths are but a sampler of beauty’s big picture.

True, beauty is pleasing in whatever form it appears.  But, when we recognize we can create it, beauty gets a lot more exciting. I wrote “Happy: How to Have a Beautiful Life Now” to give people the means to find the beauty they need, whatever their circumstances might be.

When it comes with a capital “B”, beauty can cope with chaos and, even, thrive in it. It’s much more gutsy, emotional, and fulfilling than whatever we’ve heard or said. With that kind of beauty, we will never be victims again. Because, the true heart of beauty is strong, and anyone who yearns for more can be as beautiful as they want.

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