Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.

~ Welsh Proverb ~

Be Happy Now

September 11th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 36 secs

Is it possible to be happy even if things aren't perfect?

Have you ever had a perfect day? You know the kind. When all the green lights turn in unison; as if just for you. The boss makes you coffee and says it’s high time you got a raise because he values your work and wants you to be happy. When your kids sidle up to tell you that they love you more than anything else in the world. When somebody brings you breakfast in bed and even the eggs are perfect. Or perhaps, when a whole lot of cheques came in the mail along with a newsy letter from a long lost friend who would be happy to have you come and visit.

Have you ever had a day like that? Or else, have you had the pleasure of some of these things happening once in a while? Perhaps you’ve woken to the sound of birds twittering by your window as the morning sun shone through your window. Or maybe somebody brought you flowers to say how much they care about you with all that you’ve been through.

How could you not be happy at least a little?

I have to admit most of us raise the bar pretty high when it comes to conditions that help us to be happy. The bad stuff often gets bigger billing. “Did you hear about that terrible disaster?” Or, “How about Harry’s halitosis problem? Phewee!”

Some people even resist anything resembling a happy thought, saying, “That be happy crap is a load of baloney.”

To be happy can trigger habitual cynicism; the kind that holds people back lest they relive past regrets.

But the way to be happy in the light-hearted sense, is simply to open yourself up to the simplest things that satisfy. The effort behind a genuine thanks. The smile of a storekeeper, or the smell of something tasty when you’re starting to get hungry. Little trifles it’s true. But they can actually help you to be happy if you keep your eye out for them instead of everything going wrong.

Waiting for the perfect day to be happy will surely guarantee a very long wait and little joy. Find happiness in the small things though, and it will be yours more often than you can count.

  1. Noelle says:

    Such a wonderful freedom to know the simple and free can give such joy like the stroke of a cat, the smell of jasmine at the back door, the sound of water lapping…..