The best mirror is an old friend.

~ George Herbert (1593 - 1633) ~

Better Ask a Woman For Help

July 19th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 18 secs

Yes, women really do have added skills.

Women have the edge. Men are achievers, no question. But I have to say that, generally, if you want to get something done, you’re best to ask a woman for support (Or, as one young boy at school sagely advised me, “My Mother says ‘ask a women for something if you want to get it done.’”).

Why is it that women tend to be so accomplished? Could it be that female ability to handle multi-tasking so easily?  Many men are hardworking and you can rely on them with confidence to cover all bases. But, I often find myself awed by that ability women have to tackle several tasks at once, without even batting an eyelid. What’s more, they then get them all done. We men, meanwhile, need to methodically sequence tasks to be sure to achieve them. Ask a woman for an explanation of why women are able to do so much and she’ll usually reply with a demure smile, “That’s easy. Because women are better than men.”

I don’t mean to support this smug dissent. Instead, I’d prefer to say that some people are incredibly diligent and others much less so. Gender shouldn’t come into it. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it does. Ask a woman for assistance with doing a broad range of tasks and, if she’s capable, she’ll have them all completely covered.

This discourse will, of course, prove mildly offensive to many men; perhaps because it may come over like a putdown. But that’s not my design. We all bring abilities to the table. So, claiming superiority doesn’t make sense when our skills are all different. It’s just that, in the practical matters of life, you usually can ask a woman for input; knowing that her capacity to juggle multiple concepts at once lets her cover all bases.

Of course there are disparities, aren’t there? Super achievers aren’t gender led. But according to research from a Boston based career site called theFit, women do work better.  Using a sample of 5000 employees they found that female employees tended to work longer hours and with a healthier attitude. Combine that with other research proving women do more at home and with greater proficiency and a clear picture emerges.  Ask a woman for her participation and, all things being even, she will get things done with more diligence than a great many men can muster.

But rather than take sides on the matter, to me the take home message is that hardworking women deserve more respect. Anecdotally, I can see the research stacks up. Having worked with women for most of my colorful career, I’ve noticed women’s ability to combine task focus with social engagement is a distinct advantage. While men, on the other hand, process priorities differently. If they want to prioritize a particular task, men feel obliged to focus on it solely; cutting back on other interaction. Why? Because we men find it difficult to do both well. Perhaps, by trying hard to remember and communicate at the same time, the little schoolboy’s mispronounced advice to “…ask a women for something if you want to get it done” uncovers a clue. That, men work best when they can exercise complete concentration on one thing at a time.





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