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Are You Ready?

November 25th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 13 secs

What do you do to get ready?

Get ready, get settee, go! Every day the race starts again, and you need to be ready.

Not that you might be quite ready and raring when the firing pistol – sorry, alarm – goes off. I admire those lucky ones who can spring out of bed refreshed and ready to take on the day. While I naturally wake up more slowly. When that morning music starts playing, the idea of being “ready” is still a blur in my dreams.

But it’s up and atom we must be. So, the process of getting ready is important to sorting out your day. Despite fatigue and a hundred other excuses, fighting preparedness won’t do it. We need to achieve a minimum level of organization to join all the various bits of the day together. That means being ready begins before the beginning. Maybe it starts the night before, or even the previous week.

There are plenty of tools to ready your self with too. Calendars, diaries, organizers, sticky notes, phone alerts, and computer email alarms are but a few ways we can make each day flow more harmoniously. Leastways, that’s the theory.

Plus, there are organizational gurus, stores, courses, books, programs, and more to supposedly make it all easier. It needs to be. Because the more prepared we are, the simpler it is to be ready to tackle the day ahead.

Mind you, at some point, the benefits of organizational readiness can undermine the joy and spontaneity of unstructured time. Those who have ever felt micromanaged to the verge of insanity will recognize this instantly. That’s to say, we all have a comfort range where we’re okay both ways. Call it the Goldilocks zone: not too organized and not too unstructured. But just right. Ideally, being ready minimizes scheduling catastrophes yet lets you still make stuff up as you go along.

Of course, it is funny how in theory, practice and theory are the same. Because, in practice, they are anything but. Being ready with preparation can only take you so far. Then, when things don’t go to plan, you need flexibility: that wonderful ability to think on your feet. So that when the car breaks down, the train is late, or suddenly somebody is sick, it all works out. Somehow, we need more than the capacity to be ready for what is planned. We need to be ready for life’s unexpected events.

Being ready at this level is a more elaborate talent than any diary Ninja can deliver. It takes an awareness of immediate needs and what’s still coming to allow everything to flow together. This kind of skill goes beyond synchronized technologies and paid discipline. It’s a sign of good management. To be truly ready, we need exactly that.

By all means, plan your day well in advance and use any technologies that suit. But remember, you also need to interpret each situation so that you are ready to handle circumstances the way real life presents them. That’s the height of being organized. That’s really what being ready means.

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