A smiling face is half the meal.

~ Latvian Proverb ~

Are You Happy Being You?

December 25th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 41 secs

How happy do you feel being you?

“Sorry. You missed the boat. You’re not good looking enough. Besides, you haven’t got enough money. And who are you anyway? You don’t deserve to be happy.”

Do you believe that? Even if you answer is a clear “no” it’s hard to ignore the message. Being constantly pumped through advertising and media these big lies are infecting our mind.   So to be happy now, you not only need to feel okay about yourself. You also need to face this daily diet of deception.

Let me say this loud and clear: you deserve to be happy at the deepest of levels.

I’m not just talking about happy feelings. Like the weather, your happy emotions are naturally subject to change. So there’s no point putting much into quick fix thrills. Happy events and treats are great. But you need something more enduring to keep you going. That’s where finding happiness in being you makes all the difference.

I’ve spent the past few years studying the secrets of what makes a happy life, and you know something? There are ways you can make your life more satisfying.

Contrary to all the hype about what you lack, I believe you have enough in you already to make your life a happier experience. If only you know how.

Living a whole life feeling like you will never be happy is such a waste it’s a crime. Especially when you don’t have to feel that way at all.

To be a more fulfilled person, who makes a difference in the lives of others, you need to tune into ways that work. Start questioning, and find more of what makes sense to you.

That’s why I wrote Happy: How to Have a Beautiful Life Now. For me, helping you find your own happiness and see how vital your life is, brings together the best I can ever teach you.  Although I like academic books, they aren’t always the simplest things to read. Likewise, so many popular happiness books recommend incredibly hard habits and rules that don’t make much difference. The way I see it, if it doesn’t work, why bother? But by discovering a new kind of awareness and finding all that’s good in you, you can have a happy life.

Whatever your faith or philosophy, I encourage you. Consider your happiness and make the most of it.





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