One should count each day a separate life.

~ Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD) ~

Are You Happy About Your Skin?

November 10th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 53 secs

There's more to you than skin

Do you dream of flawless creamy skin? With skin so soft and velvety smooth it feels like a baby’s bottom? Clearly, that’s what the ad men believe.

Otherwise, how can you explain the continual message that the key to happiness is flawless skin? It’s like an advertising obsession. Which suggests that people do have a skin deep concern.

How worried should you be though? If beauty is only a dermal layer down I can understand it. Then the terror of acne would truly mean a loss of face. But is that all there is to beauty?

How could beauty and zitz possibly mix?  Can anyone be beautiful if their skin is “letting them down?” Inevitably, like a sagging elephant, skin that has lost its taught, tight, and terrific tone is bound to let the side down (along with the front, the back, and the other side too).

Watching TV recently, I saw a show called “Embarrassing Body Bits” (which makes me think of odd parts of anatomy stored away in jars). Basically I think the producers intended it to be a test on how well you can keep your lunch down. Whilst the hosts dismiss any qualms viewers may have, the show is an expose of our physicality from the disease and problem end of things. Meaning lots of footage of people with medical conditions most of us would rather keep private.

According to ad speak, these people couldn’t possibly be beautiful. Skin diseases aside, they lack the soft focus glamor that launches a thousands ships and attracts a million admirers.

Yet the participants were genuine people. Like you and I. All of us, in the land of reality, have flawed skin. We simply aren’t and can never be what the ad men promise their products will produce. We are real people. Unique, curved, straight, and wrinkled. But that’s just the wrapping. Beneath, each of us posess infinitely more. Or we could if we allow ourselves to. We have the power to be as beautiful as we care to be. By our actions, our words, and privately in our thoughts.

Forget the slow motion romps across waving fields of green. Cast aside ad men’s follies and their stealthy grab for cash.  Your skin is what it is. A story of where you’ve been, how old you are, and the heritage of your ancestors before you. Accept it. Look after it. But don’t for a moment think it’s the only place your beauty lies.

You never were and never will be just a body. You are a living, breathing person with every good reason to make your life something worthwhile.  Do it and enjoy living in your skin.


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