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Are You (Em)Powered By A Name?

July 11th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 40 secs

“Powered by Piwigo” sounds kind of cute.

Lately, I keep seeing: “Powered by Piwigo(add a comment)”, “Powered by Icybook”, “Powered by Nuke Guestbook”, “Powered by Ricargbook”,  and, “Powered by Guestwho” popping up everywhere. They’re meant to sound impressive. But what do they actually mean?

All of these confusing names are part of the usual Internet gobbledygook that you trip up on whenever you’re trying to find things. In this case, they are all online album-related websites. But why do they use the expression “powered by..?”

I suppose it’s part of the overall Internet beat up that we’ve grown so accustomed to. That, and the creation of some of the most bizarre words the world has never known. I mean, “powered by Piwigo?” It sounds like a small gerbil, running flat out on a hamster wheel. Or, “powered by Peoguest”? That conjures images of a visitor with a bladder problem. Then, to my twisted mind, Xeobook sounds like a Teutonic way of saying you see a book… Okay, I know. It’s probably just me. People accept these nonsensical inventions without a Flickr

It’s a bit like finding the name of that new medication: Tribowelblocka, YuAxenalot, or, Defbrefrefresh

Take two Ricargbooks before meals, until done”, or “Have you found the Peoguest helpful? Just make sure to keep up the fluids.

Of course, drug companies use computer programs to come up with snazzy new names. So, in this brave new world of oddly contrived titles, perhaps DrBGuestbook could issue the prescriptions?

Like the realm of medication, the self-same phenomenon of grinding out website names is giving us even more weird words to curl our tongue around. Meaning the days of generic Internet spots like, and, are nearly gone. Today, site names have to sound like a cross between a child’s toy, a laptop, and a hotel (“powered by Guestwho”, “powered by Scarbook”, “powered by Plogger(Post a comment!), or for the program savvy, “php by Smartisoft”).

What’s in a name, they say? Well, judging by these tongue ticklers, obviously a lot. But is there power in a name? Well, if your hamster is off sick and you’re powered by Piwigo, or you have  a desperately restless Peoguest, then I’d have to say with all emphasis, yes. Because even small things have a surprising influence.

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  1. kukaboto says:

    A very good one, and it also has to do with this website.

  2. tto0 says:

    Schwierig oder zu leicht zu verstehen. Wenn in dieser Form.

  3. John Banks says:

    Hi – I was thinking this the other day. In fact, the search term brought me here to your site. I was trying to find out about “powered by Plogger”. Apparently it has something to do with links…?

    Nice post.