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Are Happy Pills Killing Your Happiness?

September 24th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

What do happy pills take in exchange?

Around the world happy pills are a “happening thing.” Not the album by the Seattle based grunge band Candlebox. I mean the happy pills people take to find escape. Taking them, or having their equivalent snorted, injected, or smoked and the thinking is you will be happy.

Is that really how deep this action goes? Sadly for too many people, the answer is yes.

So called party drugs, hard drugs, prescription medications, and more besides are stealing all the happiness they promise to provide in one unendingly long, tragedy of damaged lives. For the record, there is no happiness in happy pills. Correction: there is enough pleasure to hook people in the first place. That’s it. The main attraction. Take something and you’ll feel unnaturally high for a few hours. Then come back for more, or else. Using all the natural hormones and secretions for pleasure sensations, drugs force a concentrated burst of intensity. Or, they fool the brain to activate intense feelings. Either way, it’s a costly illusion. A means of running away from real life in exchange for an altered state people think they can control.

Really, happy pills are hatred pills. Laced with self-loathing, unthinking boredom, and conniving exploitation, they disassemble a person’s life. Bit by bit.

Self-destructive behavior mixed together with immediate gratification becomes a powerful cocktail. What a mix! By degrees, users unravel and their families writhe in the pain of seeing their own destroy themselves. Robbing life and love in the process, happy pills corrupt hope.

Some might say, “Why talk about something so tragic? Shouldn’t we just celebrate what is happy?” To me, that would be wrong. Talk only about happiness would be like propaganda, trying to drown out the other realities of life. We need uplifting and to share in joy. But to deny the truth of pain and hardship would be like telling half-truths. At the core, I believe happiness we can depend on accepts honesty. It copes with mess, hurt, and heartache, and still shines.

You and I need that kind. Much less the happiness of got to have it now to feel good, feel up, prove myself, and escape. These things are part of life. But despite their prominence they are not essentials. Happiness is not a happy pill ingredient. Nor can some shady character in a concealed drug factory bring anyone joy, including themselves. It’s not there. It’s in us, as byproduct of a well-lived life.

Which reminds me of the old hucksters’ advice: “Resist imitations.” Life, whatever it is, is truly the real thing.

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