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Another Way of Saying Happy

October 16th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 0 mins, 41 secs

How do other people say it?

How do other people say it?

There are lots of ways to say “happy” without even leaving your mother tongue. But it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences of other languages expressing the concept of happiness too.

So briefly take a moment now to see which ones you already know and, perhaps, commit a few “new” ones to memory. And if I’ve missed your favorite language from this list, my apologies (perhaps you’d like to share them by posting a comment below):

  1. French = Heureux or Content
  2. Italian = Felice
  3. German = Glücklich
  4. Portuguese = Feliz
  5. Spanish = Feliz
  6. Russian = счастливо
  7. Romanian= Fericit
  8. Dutch = Gelukkig
  9. Korean = 행복한
  10. Japanese = 幸せ or ureshii
  11. Chinese = 愉快 or gao xing
  12. Indonesian & Malaysia = gembira
  13. Greek = ευτυχής
  14. Hebrew = שמח (same’akh)
  15. Hindi = kush (pronounced “koosh”)
  16. Danish = lykkelig
  17. Australian Aboriginal (not sure which tribal nation) = Aruma
  18. Finnish = onnellinen
  19. Farsi = Mobarak (I think, though it also seems to mean blessed)
  20. Swahili = furaha

A Gutful Of Happiness

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