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All Round Flexibility

April 14th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 47 secs

Flexibility? Me?

Flexibility? Me?

Flexibility. It’s the ingenious body roll technique that lets you pick yourself up and dust yourself off again, ready for the next attempt.

Is something posing a real challenge for you at work, home, or school? Then adopt a get ready stance, legs apart, and hunker down with you arms out (If it worked for the incredible hulk it can work for you too).

Now this may be a strange position to adopt when you have just discovered your dog has left something nasty in the bathroom or there’s an anomaly in the previous monthly accounts. But stay with me. The importance of all round flexibility means you adopt a get ready here it comes attitude no matter what.

By being adaptable you are better able to handle the unexpected. That means you can go from ordering a cappuccino one moment to getting the wagons into a circle, securing the area, splicing the main brace, and hoisting the mainsail before you’ve even made it to the pastries. Speaking of pastries, cover me (I’m going in).

If there’s anything to be learnt from, it’s that Mr. Gumby* knew a think or three about flexibility. You never quite know when someone will grab you unawares and start stretching your head whilst yanking at your feet. Ask Mr. Gumby. He ought to know.

Okay, you might not be put on the rack literally but, metaphorically, who hasn’t been stretched to near breaking point?  To survive these ordeals requires the stickability and resilience of a small wire reinforced rubber toy to cope and still maintain a rubberized grin while it’s happening.

Actually, you can skip the smile. But you do need to roll with the punches like a Hollywood stunt double. Life won’t let you get through each day unscathed. After all, there is growing to be done and problems aplenty to be sorted.

Life wants us to get through all that in a productive way and – in the process – manage some serious personal growth. Flexibility is about building tolerance for the tough stuff rather than our leg muscles for running away. We’d like to of course. But the here and now demands we do the best we can with all the elasticity of contortionist. So rather than wishing it over, keep practicing your stretching.

(*Mr. Gumby was a popular rubber toy of the 1960s and 70’s, famed for it’s ability to be stretched and twisted by children only too keen to see what it would take to break).

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