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Age Shall Not Weary Them

December 20th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 14 secs

Forget clock watching. You could have an extra 40 years up your sleeve.

Forget clock watching. You could have an extra 40 years up your sleeve.

Imagine being young for almost all your long life? That could be the future if new research on reversing the ageing process proves fruitful.

Studies done by US and Australian scientists have managed to not only stop mice from getting older but actually turned back their clock. Could the elixir of life be just around the corner?

Harvard Medical School & the University of New South Wales researchers have identified that administering a molecule known as NAD into mice enhanced their muscle tissue, reduced inflammation and increased insulin sensitivity (much like turning a 60 year old physique into that of a 20 year old).

While this is an exciting step, human trials will be the next hurdle. But think of the possibilities. You could live an extra 30 or 40 years in good health, making today’s seniors tomorrow’s spring chickens.

Of course there are downsides. Can you imagine what banks will do? “Yes, we can give you a bank loan with attractive payments… over 75 years.”

Governments will rejoice in dodging the ageing population bullet, pushing back retirement ages to a hundred and twenty. While gymnasiums will start selling a “youthful sensual you at 122”.

It’s enough to do your head in. You’ll be working for decades more, paying off more longer with those interminable loans and feeling like you need to keep your looks going longer than any centenarian would feel decent.

Soldiers will be in their seventies, and retirement homes will cater for folk in their 130s. School could extend until “young people” reach their 40s… And don’t even think about your adult kids staying home until their 60s…

Surely, life would never be the same again.

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