Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~


Why This Site Exists is dedicated to helping people find their own personal version of happiness.

Whoever you are and whatever your beliefs, if  you desire a greater sense of happiness in your life then we believe it is possible.

Finding your own experience of happiness of course means you need to do some thinking about what really matters to you.

The kind of happiness that comes from contentment requires that you identify your own values.

Why? Well, by knowing more about our own motivations we can work out what we find is personally meaningful to us.

That process releases us from a lot of mental clutter and helps us to see what actually matters.



Too Many Tabs

Many of us have simply got too many tabs open in our mental browser to think clearly.

Modern life has a way of distracting us (think phone calls, texts, emails, visitors, entertainment, messages, dazzling website, and more).

It also accumulates so we always feel like we’re playing catch up to unanswered messages and an endless list of things to do.



Sorting It Out

It would be unrealistic  to expect everyone to have the same likes and preferences.

Though we share so much in common we are all different.

So we need to recognise that everyone of us has a unique version of personal happiness.

With that in mind, use this site and whatever resources you need to explore meaning in your life and find your joy in the process.