The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

~ Audrey Hepburn ~


About Christian (Feegs), the Author

… as told by a Feegs expert…his wife, Ruth

“I think of words like wild, flamboyant, and audacious…but none of them apply. Christian just won’t fit any stereotype neatly. Being sure of the good in something, he is incredibly determined yet equally gentle and gentlemanly. Christian believes in the power of kindness. And courage. More than saving kittens from burning buildings, he sees courage in relationship as the real stuff of everyday bravery.

Outgoing and funny on one hand yet shy and private on the other, Feegs can be playful and ridiculous yet also deep-thinking and sincere.

Christian enjoys teaching and empowering people whatever their age.  It’s his thing. With his wide range of career experience, he balances a down to earth view of life with real vision.

Christian... call him Feegs

Leaving home and school at 16, Feegs started as a Gardener, then a Photographic Salesman, before becoming a Carer, and then a Special Teacher’s Aid. Eventually Feegs rediscovered his childhood dreams and went back to school. Going on to university he got a degree in Education, and later a Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling. so he  became a  Teacher, Counselor, and Career Guide. But from the time we met I have always known that his first loves were teaching and writing. Bringing his know-how and fresh eye to the familiar, you can tell he loves doing what he does.

I can tell you he is very much human. But Christian is also exceptionally wise, steady and caring. He’s that rare kind of man who is comfortable being himself. Though he can be as silly as a wheel at times, he also has a natural calmness that I love.

His passion for helping to bring out the best in people deeply motivates him. Unlike anyone else I have met, he is simply driven by the desire to help people find greater fulfillment.

People who know Christian say he’s a one offout of the boxfunny, yet thoughtful. Whether he is discussing life with you, helping to hold someone’s chicken on a village bus, or putting pen to paper to write, Feegs believes in helping people find happiness.”

Ruth Feeger


Where Do We Live?

Tasmania: remote and exotic

We live in down under on a beautiful island called Tasmania, below the Australian mainland.

The size of Scotland, Tasmania is a place of rugged coasts with sandy white beaches and ancient forests.

Far-flung but friendly, Tasmania is a pretty relaxed place to live. Thanks to good communicaton links, we get an excellent view of what’s happening around the world. So instead of being caught in the middle of it all, we are free to see things from the outside looking in.