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A Unicorn Capricorn Relationship

January 25th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 26 secs

Do I want a unicorn Capricorn relationship?

“Yes, hi. I’ll have a unicorn Capricorn relationship, hold the mustard, and a green salad on the side, thanks.” 

“What’s that? You are fresh out of unicorns? Only got dodos? Okay, if that’s the case, can I have a unicorn Capricorn relationship – sorry – dodo Capricorn relationship? But please, no onions!”

I’m married to a Capricorn. Actually, that’s not true. I’m married to the love of my life and her star sign is Capricorn. But the term “Capricorn” always make me thing of “capriosa”, the pizza (hmm, maybe I do need new glasses).

Throwing in a unicorn just makes it worse, as I rather prefer to hang onto my kidneys (think: YouTube’s ‘Candy Mountain’). Besides which, mixing a mythical creature (at least dodos were real) with pizza – sorry, a star sign – sure is obscure. So, a unicorn Capricorn relationship feels very random indeed.

But, as it happens, people do look for these kinds of connections. Perhaps they fancy themselves growing one horn or antler and charging around with somebody that smells like pizza (you could do worse). In that case, delving into the mysteries of a unicorn Capricorn relationship might shed light on your love match.

Then again, it could totally lead you up the garden path with no inkling where and what you should do. Fortunately for me, I had no desire to look for a unicorn Capricorn relationship. Not because I lack the necessary narwhal like spike, but because I discovered my life’s partner by getting to know, love, and woo her (and no, not with train type “wooing”). I didn’t need to double-check our compatibility from some horrible scope prognostication.

You don’t need lucky numbers, Aries thriving in the house of Libra by eating her out of house and home, invoking mythical beasts, or even holding your tongue sideways. A uniform unicorn Capricorn relationship won’t help. But love will! Keep it simple!

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