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9 Splendid Spring Cleaning Tips

May 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 45 secs

Are you ready for the spring0cleaning challenge?

Are you ready for the spring-cleaning challenge?

Need some spring-cleaning tips to brighten up your place? Sick of all the dirt that’s been building up around your house? Here are some light-hearted suggestions on how to tidy up and enjoy yourself in the process.

Step 1: No spring-cleaning tips list would be complete without a strategy. Get a piece of paper and write down your plan, room by room. Take your time. You might as well put your feet up as you do.

Step 2: Generally, spring-cleaning tips get straight into how you can rid lipstick from crown molding (Which makes you wonder: what are people doing up there?), removing sump oil from their sofa, and rasping pet hair from their placemats. But that’s not what this spring list is about. Instead, schedule a menu of tasty treats for the day so you have plenty to look forward to as you go. I’m thinking pastries perhaps, or cakes if you must. Just choose whatever takes your fancy and be sure it’s delicious.

Step 3: Okay, no more delaying tactics. Time to get into the tidying. But first, another one of my important spring-cleaning tips that will make it easier: get everything out. Yep. Remove all the furniture in the target room that’s easy to take out so you’ve got a blank canvas to clean. This one tip alone will reveal tons of troubling dust bunnies and make you see all the terrible things that normally escape your eye.

Step 4: Anticipate your morning coffee break. No set of spring-cleaning tips would be complete without the smell of fresh coffee or tea and something dainty to go with it. Allow half an hour to forty minutes for this crucial event and, if possible, enjoy it with company.

Step 5: By now you will see the full extent of the mess you’re in. But though it’s daunting it’s doable. So plan a time limit for the room you are working on. Of all the spring-cleaning tips thus far, this one will stop you scrubbing down to the carpet underlay or scraping off the wallpaper with too much determination. With only 3 hours to freshen up the place you won’t have time to get carried away. Which is just as well as it’s almost lunch.

Step 6: Lunchtime should not only be sustaining it needs to be eaten together with friends or family to make it an event. Choose food that won’t take too much to prepare or clear away. Oh, and allow yourself a good hour off to recharge your batteries.

Step 7: Typically, most spring-cleaning tips ignore the realities of tidying up in a family home. No sooner do you make the effort than the phone starts ringing, your cat, dog, and the neighbor’s dog traipse in to investigate while your children start rediscovering old junk stuck under the sofa. Creating extra mess, these gatecrashers actually stop you from getting anything done. So remove them all and send them out with something nice to chew on.

Step 8: If you like silence soak it in. Otherwise, add a bit of energy with this tuneful spring-cleaning tip – crank up the music and get energized! It will keep you moving and generate a faster pace, which is just the thing when you’re vitality is flagging. Oh, and do check your watch so you’ll be in time for “arvy tea”.

Step 9: As outlandish as some of my spring cleaning tips may be, they can certainly make a hard job of mopping, scrubbing, wiping, and polishing more doable. Just choose cleaning products that aren’t vicious to your skin or kill the environment so you don’t risk life and limb.

Then, having done a decent job and obligingly applied all these spring-cleaning tips, go out and celebrate the occasion as a way of giving yourself a pat on the back for all your efforts. After all, having cleaned the house and had a full on domestic workout you deserve it. Happy cleaning!

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    • Feegs says:

      Okay, good ideas (though it does come over like a product endorsement when you call yourself “carpet cleaning” and then pitch non-toxic carpet cleaning product). Why not just share your good advice on its own?