Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

~ Abraham Lincoln ~

7 Ways To Best Handle Stress

August 30th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 39 secs

Wouldn’t it be nice to soar above all that stress?

Think stress think negative. Stress for most of us means pressure and all the yucky stuff that dealing with difficulties demands. But a more rounded way of looking at stress might help us handle it better.

Short of reclining on a sofa, having a servant hand you chocolates while another gently waves a palm frond your way and a third peels you grapes, stress is unavoidable. Try living through a normal day and you’ll encounter stressors galore. The traffic, time limits, queues, and too many (or not enough) things to do all combine to stress you. At least, they can, if you let them.

Somewhere in the stress of living, we can develop methods to handle it well. With approaches that enhance your resilience and boost your buoyancy, you can certainly taste greater happiness. That’s why I’ve compiled this checklist. See for yourself if there’s something new that you can use:

Stress Shrinking Step 1:  

Run Away and Hide – Actually, I’m not kidding. There are times for time out and it makes sense to let your body’s stress chemistry flush out of your system. Whether you need to step out of the room for a calming moment or take a vacation, this is a great way to break state from whatever is winding you up.

Stress Shrinking Step 2:  

Look For a Laugh – When you’re feeling stressed, having a laugh isn’t exactly top of your list. But it could be just what the doctor ordered. All the goodness that goes with a good cackle is the ideal antidote for the effects of sustained stress. So go on, find a good movie, show, or bunch of fun friends and let your hair down before it all falls out .

Stress Shrinking Step 3:  

Walk Your Head Off – Get out now, whatever the weather and wear out some shoe leather in the name of stress relief. Not only will it help flush out your stress hormones, you’ll think more clearly too. Oh, and it’s good for you.

Stress Shrinking Step 4:

Ah! Vot Ken You Do? – Sometimes it’s worth shrugging off those pressures and cares with a dismissive shake of the head, shrug of the shoulders, or wave of the hands. After all, who died and made you God? Nobody! So don’t feel like you need to carry everything yourself. Let yourself off the hook of responsibility, at least emotionally. You can only do so much. After all, it’s better to “fail” and survive than succeed and die. Think about what is really at stake and factor in the joy of compromise to lessen the stress.

Stress Shrinking Step 5:  

Get Physical – Shrug your shoulders, run, skip, look up at the sky and lift up your arms and say “Yay!” Like walking, some movements promote wellbeing and trigger happier feelings.  Try these and be prepared to feel silly for the sake of science, the Queen, your country, and oh yes, feeling less stressed.

Stress Shrinking Step 6:  

Huddle Guys! – Everybody benefits from a close encounter of the cuddling kind. A hug and a kind word with someone who cares about us can work wonders. The healing power of a loving touch can be enormously helpful. So make time to hug more and relish the effects of being held. You deserve it.

Stress Shrinking Step 7:  

Are You Crazy? – I need help, not some stupid list! Then get help. Professional help can work wonders. So seek out a suitably qualified and experienced psychologist (get references). A good one can tailor the best ways for you to handle your stress and spare you considerable pain. If you have been struggling to cope for some time and don’t know what to do, good counseling is well worth the effort.


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You Stress, I Stress. We All Stress With Distress! 




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