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7 Ways Be Happy At Work

October 11th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 34 secs

You deserve to be happy at work.

Happy about being at work? Most people will tell you they’re not. While a few will say they love their work with a passion. So, what’s their secret? How do they manage to enjoy what can be living misery for so many? Here are 7 tips:

  1. To be happy at work, find what you like. Seriously. It’s well worth putting effort into finding your best job match beforehand if you can. But if not, start now.  For example, highly creative people tend to be lousy accountants, but brilliant artists.  If you feel your job is a mismatch, it’s time to take action and plan.
  2. Realize that you’re in charge… of yourself, I mean. Yes, your boss or bosses might tell you what to do. But you choose to be there and how much you comply is up to you. Knowing it’s your show can dramatically up the happy factor of a lot of jobs. For instance, recognizing that your employer is actually your sole “client” means that it’s in your interests to look after them. That’s just good business.
  3. Absolutely, positively refuse to take anything personally, even if it’s meant to be. After all, pesky critics are only there because it’s their job. So any slights are purely commercial! Keep your goat parked safely round the back where nobody can get it, and refuse to wear your blood pump on your sleeve. Graceless comments and behaviors at work aren’t worth your emotional expenditure. Pity such nonsense and remind yourself that small minds are pre-occupied with small-mindedness.
  4. Keep a higher calling. Do what you do for superior reasons and it’s easier to feel happy sticking at it.
  5. Do more than the minimum and be proud of your efforts. Ultimately, it’s not your boss you need to impress, but your self.  So, if you really pitch in with more than they can pay you to do, you’ll be nothing short of a hero (at least, to yourself). Best of all, nobody can take that happy sense of inner reputation from you. Nobody.
  6. Work within your values. If your coworkers want you to do something sneaky that clashes with your values, tactfully steer your own course. Anything that your work wants you to do that fits your values feeds positively back to you. And that can certainly boosts your happiness. However, if there’s a major and consistent conflict, take the hint. It’s time to look elsewhere.
  7. Remember it’s paid work. Whenever things go awry, you can at least be happier in the knowledge that you getting paid for it. Even if it’s off the duties list, these events are still bringing you income. Kind of handy, if nothing else.

I could say, count your blessings, shrug off the junk, laugh off the ridiculousness, and hang loose. But doing all of these things at once could leave you looking rather strange. Instead, pick from these points whatever makes sense to you. Consider, too, that somewhere in ourselves, we are happy because we make positive connections. Unlike that professional misery guts you know who is always blaming his job, you can predict part of unhappiness is self-inflicted. In a perverse way, he likes it like that!

If being happy at work really matters to you, then do some further reading. I believe everyone should be happy being productive. Yet, as you know, work life is infinitely more complicated. So, it’s rarely that simple. But, be encouraged! When it comes to being happy at work: you deserve to be, it’s possible, and you can.

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