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6 Amazing Craigs List Exercise Equipment Items

April 11th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 32 secs

What is it with Craigs List exercise equipment? Craigs List has been offering free classifieds online for years. Meaning, you’d expect to get some great offerings on everything in the realm of fitness equipment. Only trouble is, some of it is a little too exceptional.

Tired of being stuck with a stationary exercise bike or treadmill?

Then have a look at what’s on offer under Craigs List exercise equipment.


A quick click through revealed these unique beauties. Though they didn’t come with pictures, I’m sure your imagination will fill in the gaps:

Amazing Craigs List exercise equipment item #1  “Thrustmaster bicycle rowing machine. Throw in kidney belt…”(Can you picture yourself riding down the street on this gizmo? Not only would it make your neighbors gawp, you can flick the kidney belt at anyone in the way).
Incredible Craigs List exercise equipment item #2  “Booty Bodybar full workout rod…” (This remarkable piece of gym equipment is actually just a bar. It lets you do everything you could do with a stick, only it costs you a lot more. Guess that’s what you have to “work out” before you buy it).
Combative Craigs List exercise equipment item #3  “Tummy Buster in perfect condition…” Convenient easy grip handles to blow fat away. (Hmm…sounds like it’s a battle of the handles. Easy grips vs. love handles in a full on, knock-down, gut-crunching contest. Personally, I’d be worried about anything that promises to “blow fat away.” Hope it doesn’t take bullets).
Jiggling Craigs List exercise equipment item #4  “Vibrating fat burner belt, with bonus thong adaptor strap…” (I’m trying to picture somebody using this with the bonus strap and I can certainly say it adds new meaning to the term “chafing at the bit”).
Mind-blowing Craigs List exercise equipment item #5 “Shakeweight, rarely used… Quick way to fitness.” (Apparently, you jerk this number up and down repeatedly in various ways to build up arm strength. My tip: don’t even think about using it at the office).
Ingenious Craigs List exercise equipment item #6 “Vibroslim Euro Stand” – never used…” (Meant to shape up your body for no effort whatsoever, this little number is a cross between weighing scales and a paint-mixing machine. Standing on it whilst holding a mixing bowl apparently gets perfect scrambled eggs every time).


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