Go, and never darken my towels again.

~ Groucho Marx ~

5 Reasons Why You’re Okay

October 19th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 3 secs

It's okay to be your self. Besides every other self is taken

  1. Your most obvious feature is your outward appearance. But it is not your identity. Just as you live in a place that might look plain or fancy, you also inhabit your body. For this reason, you are infinitely more than your genetic address.
  2. Everybody is different. You included.  Though differences can make us uneasy they make humanity stronger (both biologically and culturally). From the shape of your toes to the way you think, variations are good. So if you are aware of yours, make sure you celebrate them in some way.
  3. Nobody feels happy all the time. Nor should we be. It would be unhealthy to constantly be in a heightened, happy state. Plus there are times when sadness makes a lot more sense. Strange as it seems, it’s okay to feel bad sometimes because we are meant to experience a spectrum of moods.
  4. When we feel rejected by others it’s easy to feel miserable. But the truth is, there are people who accept you; even if you don’t know them. The truly happy people of this world would welcome you with open arms. Big hearted and accepting, they don’t waste time judging. Instead, they recognize you are important just as you are.
  5. Just because your self-approval wavers, your adequacy doesn’t. It’s rock solid.  Unlike your abilities that vary immensely, you were born adequate.  Whether you approve of yourself or not, know this: your adequacy is never in question.

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