I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.

~ Woody Allen ~

23 What Ifs

March 28th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 33 secs

What would happen if..?

Sometimes, asking, “what might be” can unleash a whole lot of fresh possibilities. Within this list you will find a question or two that’s especially relevant to you:

  1. What if things got better, not worse?
  2. What if you knew the people who supposedly “hate” you barely ever think about you?
  3. How would life be different if you gave yourself a mental pat on the back more often for all your efforts?
  4. Towards the end of your life, what if you realize that were capable of doing so much more?
  5. What if, after all your striving, you never end up wealthy?
  6. Though you might like to be widely recognized, what if that never happens?
  7. What would it take to make your home even more cozy and inviting?
  8. Instead of thinking the worst, what if you also made time to consider the best?
  9. What if you knew to the core of your soul that you were utterly accepted and loved?
  10. What if that long running problem you have with your partner is actually not the underlying problem but the symptom?
  11. What if someone else made the same mistakes you did? Could you forgive them? If so, when will you fully forgive yourself?
  12. How do you feel knowing that, despite all the claims, slimming diets are ultimately useless?
  13. How would life be if you treated everyone equally with high regard?
  14. What if you spent less on junk and more on a few items of quality?
  15. What if you chose to shrug off minor problems more often?
  16. If you knew when you were going to die, how would that change your life today?
  17. What would you do differently if you decided to make kindness a higher priority?
  18. What would life be like if you got rid of half of everything you owned?
  19. Who would you spend more time with if you could? What’s stopping you?
  20. Which things make you feel bad about yourself and why? Now consider the good.
  21. What if you swapped one timewasting activity to do something you believe in?
  22. How would it feel if you forgave people twice as often as you already do?
  23. What will it take to make your tomorrow brighter than it feels today?

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