You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old.

~ George Burns ~

16 Ways To Know You’re In Love

April 14th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 48 secs

Is being In love something certain? Or is it just a certain feeling?

You know you’re in love when:

  1. There’s nobody else in the world you’d rather be with than your partner.
  2. You keep having little conversations with yourself throughout the day, saying, “Oh he’d love that”, “I wish she was here to see this”, or, “I wonder what he’d think.”
  3. You see your loved one’s faults and imperfections, and love them too because it’s all part of the package.
  4. You miss each other even after only being away from each other for a day.
  5. You want to share each other’s company, thoughts, feelings, and presence; even if you’ve been together for years.
  6. You don’t judge your lover. You understand them.
  7. You say what you really think…with all the tenderness you can muster.
  8. You don’t need to obsess about your partner to feel close. You just keep loving them for who they are.
  9. You trust each other with everything: money, intimacy, and honesty.
  10. You are happy to give your partner room to do things that you wouldn’t choose, let alone approve of, because you love them.
  11. You find it easy to play and laugh because your relationship celebrates fun and freedom.
  12. There’s more than tolerance holding the relationship together, but an abiding appreciation and acceptance
  13. You learn to better accept your self, thanks to the way he loves you.
  14. You can completely relax in each other’s silent companionship.
  15. You look forward to being together for as far as your mind can see.
  16. You know that even if things go bad, the strength of your togetherness will help see you through.

After 30 years of marriage, Ruth and I are still in love. Not the Hollywood, Bollywood version, but our own. In real life, true love and loyalty aren’t showy but hide inside a plain chest.

There are so many ways people get caught up in relationship, thinking it’s bound by love. But real love, at least the love that you dream of, long for, and perhaps grapple with, takes time, respect, and a heritage of shared values. We need all of these to ride the wild waters of conflict, torn emotions, disappointment, and immaturity that regular relationship reveals.

We can be rash and miss it. Or be too tempted by something more glamorous to have it. But as is the case with all great treasures, love captures you just as much as you yearn to capture it. When you are prepared to weather everything to cherish it, I believe that’s the moment you know you’re in love.


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